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// Viveka Bergström // Jewels / Paris
viveka bergstrom 4 microcrystal ring
A swedish jewellery designer, coming from Stockholm and based in Paris, making costume jewellery with the heart of a fashion designer' - it's a good definition of who is Viveka Bergström !

We love her collection: graphic, refined and timeless gold-plated jewels associated (or not) with black strass ...

These timeless pieces can be worn each season. We love the gender-crossing feminine and masculine styles of her creations.

This is the 'Viveka' spirit !
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Viveka Bergstrom mini-tube earrings
Viveka Bergstrom mini-tube earrings
45.00 EUR
Viveka Bergstrom black crystal ring
Viveka Bergstrom black crystal ring
80.00 EUR
Sold out ...
Viveka Bergstrom gold-plat long necklace
Viveka Bergstrom gold-plat long necklace
145.00 EUR
Boutique Haut Marais - 19 rue de Poitou - Paris 3e
Boutique Abbesses / Pigalle - 20 rue Houdon - Paris 18e