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Pointer Calum man boots (gold)
// Pointer // Shoes / London
Pointer was launched in 2004 by London-based designers. Every year they create men and women shoes with the aim of making confortable, simple and timeless shoes.

Each collection has proved that Pointer really cares about quality and style of its creations.

Sneakers, boots and spartans... The models available are many and differentiated !

For this winter, we have selected the 'Farai' fur boots (for men and women), the Monkoe boots and a paire of sneakers named 'Taylor'.
Pointer Calum man boots (gold) Pointer Farai fur-lined ankle boots Pointer Monkoe mens boots Pointer Farai fur-lined Boots Pointer Calum man boots (choco) Pointer Taylor mens sneakers
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Boutique Abbesses / Pigalle - 20 rue Houdon - Paris 18e